What Global Sevilla Preschool Jakarta Timur Hoped for Young Learners’ Behavior

Global Sevilla has set the goal to create a young generation of learners who have good behavior. According to that, this preschool Jakarta Timur in particular implements the school values as the core identity that must be underpinned by students here. Because it is expected as a guideline to create the great individual this school hopes for.

What Global Sevilla Hopes for the Young Learners’ Behavior

  1. Giving for Others’ Happiness

Giving can be claimed as one of the steps to bringing happiness to people around. Because of this behavior, in practice, it cultivates generosity for others’ happiness. So that is why this preschool tries to encourage students to implement this kind of behavior to make them valuable people because they can bring advantages to others.

More than that, with generous and joyful hearts, students at this preschool will be guided to share their blessing towards God through giving, and bringing happiness to others. Thus, they can make a positive change in others’ lives. In addition, this preschool Jakarta Timur explains that giving, in this case, is not only about money or things but also help or support, everything that they can give for others’ happiness.

  1. Compassion for Great Beginning

Before implementing giving behavior, young learners at Global Sevilla are customized to have the behavior of compassion. It is the behavior that can encourage learners to have sympathy towards other people’s matters and willingly want to help them. Together to solve everything suffering around to live better.

More than that, by bringing the behavior of compassion and giving, this preschool wants to make students have a good character towards other people around. It is realized by helping them in any form of compassion and giving and then can achieve the goal to make a positive change to the environment and people around.

  1. Self-Control Behavior for Better Individual

Global Sevilla preschool Jakarta Timur also strives to encourage its young learners to have self-control in their minds. It will control their emotions and actions daily, so they can be more aware and carefully do anything. It also can avoid unwanted or disadvantageous actions that might bring bad luck to everyone.

By encouraging its young learners to have the behavior that has been mentioned, Global Sevilla seriously wants to create a young generation who has great behavior. Furthermore, great behavior will bring many positive things to them. So that is why this preschool in Jakarta becomes the best in its class.