About Bruce

Munro, an internationally-acclaimed artist, has created stunning installations around the globe that feature thousands of radiant lights illuminating optical fiber turbines, acrylic pegs and prismatic rods. His exhibits immerse viewers in a unique intersection of sound, color and light that creates an unforgettable and emotive visitor experience. Each exhibition allows the artist to reimagine and redevelop past installations for a new exhibit’s landscape, making each show fresh, informed by the site and personal.

Artist Statement

It is a privilege to be invited to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum and a great pleasure to create an exhibit there. The pathway through the exhibition is nicely balanced between interior and exterior spaces which have allowed me to continue development of my Light and Language series indoors and outside I can once again indulge in experimenting with the landscape.

In addition to the excitement of exhibiting in a winter landscape where temperatures can reach as low as -22 degrees, I am thrilled by the prospect of exhibiting several pieces that have not been shown in the U.S. and one entirely new piece created to be shown in a cold winter landscape.

I owe a huge thank you to the Arboretum team for their continuous support and great faith in my work. I look forward to donning a pair of snow shoes and spending some more time in this wonderful garden.

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