Bruce Munro

Winter Light at the Arboretum

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Bruce Munro’s “Water Towers” at Cheekwood Gardens by Mark Pickhall © Munro Studios

Winter 2016/2017 – Tickets on sale now

BRUCE MUNRO, Winter Light At The Arboretum, the first large-scale light installation at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, will illuminate the winter landscape after dark.  This ticketed exhibit makes its Minnesota premiere with a series of five outdoor and two indoor installations that have inspiration and connection to Munro’s visits to the Arboretum, his imagination and life experience.

Munro, an internationally-acclaimed artist, has created stunning installations around the globe that feature thousands of radiant lights illuminating optical fiber turbines, acrylic pegs and prismatic rods. His exhibits immerse viewers in a unique intersection of sound, color and light that creates an unforgettable and emotive visitor experience. Each exhibit allows him to reimagine and develop past installations for the new exhibit’s landscape, making each show fresh, informed by the site and personal.

“My first visit to the Arboretum touched my spirit and imagination, I was excited at the prospect of creating an exhibit for the Minnesota winter landscape.”

— Bruce Munro, 2016




Minnesota Gathering,” an outdoor installation, was inspired by Munro’s discovery that blue tubes running through the Arboretum’s  maple trees transport sap to make maple syrup.  He also drew upon his early years in Australia where he lived near a woods inhabited by noisy cockatoos.  The installation combines the wooded landscape and brilliantly-colored, comic birds on lines in this mixed media piece, “capturing the essence of a time past, into the here and now,” Munro stated.

Oreum,” an immersive outdoor installation, is a stream of acrylic windmills planted in flowerbeds and pathways in the Arboretum’s gardens. It captures the spirit of the wind in a mesmerizing array of color. As darkness falls, the artwork blooms with gentle rhythms of colored light, immersing the visitor in a vision of floral beauty.

The dazzling prismatic helix installation “Chindi”  will be suspended in the towering Oswald Visitor Center and glow magically through optical fibre. The nine-piece series “Light and Language” is a body of work of conceptual digital light animations influenced by Morse code, literature and pattern. Each is fascinating on its own and as an installation, it is contemplative, inspiring and mysterious.

Munro’s brilliant creations reflect his talent to distill moments of personal connection, such as seeing new landscapes and spaces and interpreting them into artistic expressions that engage and challenge viewers.

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